Parish Pastoral Council

The Church of 
St. Bartholomew
A Catholic Community
In the Archdiocese of
New York

 Councils & their Ministries

Ministry Purpose / Objective:

The Parish Pastoral Council is a structure of consultation and consensus. It is a planning council, not a coordinating council. It is a consultative planning group aiding the Pastor in the decision-making process. It is the function of the Parish Pastoral Council to “investigate everything pertaining to pastoral activities, to weigh them carefully, and to set forth practical conclusions concerning them so as to encourage conformity of the life and actions of the People of God with the Gospel” (Motu Proprio, Ecclesiae Sanctae). Specifically, the Parish Pastoral Council is called upon to enhance the decision-making process of (1) pastoral planning and goal setting, (2) developing and implementing pastoral programs, (3) improving pastoral services, and (4) evaluating pastoral effectiveness.

Functions of the Parish Pastoral Council

  • Help to discern the pastoral, spiritual, moral and social needs of the parish and the community, and help in setting goals and priorities to respond to these needs.
  • Foster the process of renewal, enrichment and growth in the parish. Such renewal has to begin with the individual member when he/she commits to a life of service to Christ.
  • Strive to make the Gospel known to all, making sure that the parish gives top priority to the apostolic and missionary needs of the parish.
  • Help to discover new talents in the parish – compiling lists of skills and talents of the people in the parish. This it currently does through the Stewardship Committee.
  • Dialogue with the larger Christian community and the pastor through its members and representatives.
  • Be a living sign of the partnership every Christian community is called to be: a basic sign of unity, cooperation, equality, peace and love. Here, the members see themselves as partners in the larger parish plan.
  • Help members of the Council in their adult faith formation process, especially when members view their time and efforts in the Council (including when they tackles specific pastoral problems) as a learning experience.
  • The PPC meetings shall provide an excellent opportunity for shared prayer and for growth in the spiritual life.
  • The Council shall review the functions and responsibilities of the four Commissions and Stewardship Committee from time to time to ensure that the needs of parishioners are being met, and that we are fulfilling our parish mission and goals as the parish grows and changes.

Membership on the Council is open to any registered Catholic member of the Parish who is 18 years or older.

Must be a practicing Catholic and a person of integrity, with some knowledge about the parish and its tasks; and with skills, gifts and talents to offer. Most importantly, he/she must have the desire to serve the Church and to grow spiritually.

The Council meets monthly, from September to June on the Monday following the third Sunday of the month.

We are here to serve you and are interested in hearing what you think.  Your feedback on things you like or dislike is important to us.  Tell us what you think could make St. Bart’s a better place to worship, a place to share and lead us to becoming better Christian.

Rev. Raphael Ezeh, M.S.P,          
Ex Officio

Deacon Bob Clemens
Ex Officio
Skip Caloia
Ex Officio
Angela Brusco             
Ex Officio
Mary Esposito
Elected 2014

Cheryl Russo
Elected 2014

Miguel Cuevas
Elected 2014

Betsy McShane
Elected 2015

Victoria Lucas
Elected 2015

Tony Martelli

Gail Chappory
Appointed 2014

Nicole Marcello
Appointed 2015
Yanni Orozco
Family Life Commission

Jennifer Batac
Family Life Commission

Efren Samarita
Family Life Commission

Cheryl Duda
Faith Formation Commission

Patrician Szeligia
Faith Formation Commission
Vice Chairperson
Rich Scardino
Evangelization Commission

Kevin Albanese
Liturgy Commission

Rich Califano
Stewardship Committee