Councils & their Ministries

Commissions and their Ministries


Specific parish and parishioners’ needs and concerns are basically served through the various parish ministries and committees. The PPC oversees these ministries and committees. To be more productive and effective, and to be better structured and managed, parish ministries and committees are thus grouped under the four major areas of our parish life. They are:
Liturgy Commission
The Liturgy Commission shall be concerned with everything pertaining to the liturgical and spiritual life of the parish. Its efforts shall be focused on enhancing the spiritual life and experience of parishioners, collectively and individually. It will work closely with the Faith Formation Commission to ensure that our liturgical ministers receive proper training and formation. All parish ministries and committees involved in liturgies fall under this Commission. The Liturgy Commission chairperson shall represent the Commission on the PPC.

Parish Family Life Commission
Since we pride ourselves, and rightly so, as a loving and caring family, we must take care of our own, specifically by ministering to the needs of every parish segment or population. The Family Life Commission shall oversee the establishment, support and supervision of all ministries and committees that relate to family life and social aspects of our parish life. Their tasks will include whatever helps St. Bartholomew’s to be an exemplary parish family. These ministries will then endeavour to help the parish segment they minister to in whatever ways possible. Due to the scope of the ministries under this Commission, it shall be chaired by three (3) co-chairs, each of whom shall oversee a number of ministries and committees. The three co-chairs, or at least two of them shall sit on the PPC. 

Faith Formation Commission
The Faith Formation Commission shall oversee all the ministries and programs that help form the faith of our parishioners and those who come to us. This will include the care and education of our religious education students and our catechists and volunteers. In addition, the Commission shall work closely with other ministries, infusing their activities with pertinent faith formation aids, and helping their members to continue to grow in their faith. Continuing faith formation for all parishioners shall also be a major concern of this Commission. This is essentially internal evangelization or re-evangelization. A parent from the Religious Education Program shall join the chair of this Commission to represent it on the PPC.

Outreach and Evangelization Commission
In general, the tasks of the ministries and committees under the Outreach and Evangelization Commission will focus on the implementation of the Church’s teachings on Social Justice and Ecumenism. Specifically, the Commission will oversee the ministries and committees that reach out and care for the poor and underprivileged within our parish, our neighborhood and beyond. It will also coordinate parish efforts in our internal and external evangelization efforts, targeting the unchurched, inactive Catholics and non-believers in our area and beyond. Finally, it will coordinate parish efforts to make us known in our neighbourhood and in the City and thereby draw people to come and see what we do. The chair of this Commission shall represent it on the PPC.

These four Commissions supervise, manage, guide and support the various ministries and committees under their care and report on each ministry or committee to the PPC during Council meetings.

To help the Commissions, ministries and committees in the actual, hands-on search for and development of talents and skills, and the use of the gifts of time and treasure among parishioners, the PPC shall establish a Stewardship Committee.

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