Time And Talent


The Church of 
St. Bartholomew
A Catholic Community
In the Archdiocese of
New York

We are blessed with many parishioners who willingly share their time and talents for the benefit of all of us and the greater community. About two years ago St. Bart’s had about 15 ministries and about 200 parishioners of all ages involved in them. Our efforts and commitment to growth in all aspects of our parish life has started to yield fruits. Currently, we have XX ministries and XX parishioners of all ages involved in them. We also have over XX ministries in the process of being established in the future. All these are part of our Parish Pastoral Plan.

Talent abounds in our parish. Parishioners give of their spiritual, artistic, physical, financial, educational, social and other abilities. Our beautiful liturgies, which we all enjoy, do not just happen. Many hours are given to make them meaningful and inspiring. Parish celebrations (like Family Day Picnic, Block Party, Faith Festivals, Valentine Day Parties for Singles and Couples) are the result of efforts by many people who give of their talents for everyone to gather and have fun and food. Others share their time and talent in teaching our young ones in our religious education classes or helping with security, etc. Some have helped in maintaining the parish property—just as in our own homes, there is always something to be repaired, replaced or renovated! These are just a few of the opportunities available for sharing your time and talent



Stewardship Opportunities

Parish Pastoral Plan