The Church of 
St. Bartholomew
A Catholic Community
In the Archdiocese of
New York

In our Catholic worship, we both express and foster faith. “Faith grows when it is well expressed in celebration. Good celebrations foster and nourish faith. Poor celebrations may weaken it.” (Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship, 5) Therefore, it is with the utmost pastoral concern that pastors, pastoral administrators and parish leaders must prepare liturgies that are in accord with the liturgical books and documents, bear fidelity to the rich heritage of the Church, and enable the “full, active and conscious participation of the assembly” (Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, 14, 42)

Mission Statement
Oversee parish liturgical ministries; coordinate sacramental and spiritual celebrations, always striving for edifying, enriching and lively worship and celebration experiences for all.

Vision Statement
That every worshipper encounters God in every of our liturgical worship, sacramental and spiritual celebration, thus ultimately grow deeper in their relationship with God and with their neighbors.

Ministry Purpose / Objective:
To provide coordination and facilitation of Liturgical Commission meetings, effective communication between members and liturgical ministers, input and exchange of ideas to other parish leadership, and reports of activities and successes to the parish.

Responsibilities of the Parish Liturgy and Worship Commission:

  • Preparation for liturgies – long and short-term preparations;
  • Formation, training, and scheduling of liturgical ministers;
  • Formation of the assembly;
  • The on-going “mystagogical reflection” (evaluation) of parish liturgies;
  • Encourage various devotionals among parishioners,
  • Seek ways to help parishioners in their spiritual journey and growth
  • Explore themes and topics that will benefit parishioners and invite speakers to address them during the annual mission and other retreats, reflections days, etc.


Members should be parishioners who are faithful in participating in the liturgical life of the parish, able to attend and are interested in participating in the meetings and ongoing work of the commission.

In addition, those representing the liturgical ministries should have some education and formation in the areas of liturgy, liturgical ministry, the liturgical year, and principles of art and environment and music in Catholic worship.

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Liturgy Commission