The Church of 
St. Bartholomew
A Catholic Community
In the Archdiocese of
New York

        Outreach & Evangelization Commission
                                                                    St. Bart’s Alumni Group

Connecting with your parish, school, and old friends is a great way to stay connected to your roots. If you are a graduate of St. Bart’s School, let us know.  Fill out the registration form and return to us.

Although St. Bart’s school closed in 2011, we want to keep our alumni connected. We want to host alumni events for various classes.

Provide us with what you’ve been up to! Want to reconnect with a former classmate? Post an event on this site? Provide some “where are they now?” updates? Or maybe you need some info on our Alumni Group. Call the parish office at 914-965-0566. We’d glad to hear from you

Purpose/Goals of the Ministry

Alumni Coordinator Position Description

Reports to:         Report to Commission Chair
Ministry Purpose/Objective
General Responsibilities of Every Ministry and Committee Chairperson and Coordinator:

Specific Responsibilities of Alumni Coordinator

  • Constantly reach out and invite alumni of St. Bart’s parish directly or through their friends and classmates
  • Invite other alumni or parishioners who could help coordinate an alumni event or the Group itself.
  • Help any class that wants to hold a class reunion to plan the event, with the help of Social Activities Ministry.
  • Keep the Webmaster informed of events and activities of the group
  • Explore new ways to publicize the group and its activities – eg invite various classes back to St. Bart’s for a Mass or a celebration.

Special Activities

  • Attend Annual parish Leadership training
  • Attend annual parish Ministry Recollection Day
  • Annual Parish Ministry Appreciation Dinner

Time of Commitment

  • As needed to carry out the responsibilities of the chairperson of the Committee 

Expected Length of Commitment

  • At least two years

General Qualifications Required of Every Ministry and Committee Chairperson and Coordinator:

Specific Qualifications Required

  • Reliable and dependable
  • Social and able to reach out to others
  • Some communication media knowledge