The Church of 
St. Bartholomew
A Catholic Community
In the Archdiocese of
New York

              Outreach & Evangelization Commission
                                                                           Martha’s Meal Ministry

After a few of our parishioners got sick or hospitalized and couldn’t provide meals for themselves or their families, some concerned and loving members of St. Bart’s bought, prepared and delivered meals to them for days. However, it was becoming too much for two or three individuals to handle. Finally, we realized that there’s a need to join the growing number of parishes who have established a ministry to cater to the needs of their parishioners who also need similar help.

A few of our parishioners have indicated their willingness to help provide food for sick parishioners who could be in need of emergency meals. The need to avoid overburdening the same volunteers, to provide opportunities for other parishioners to share their gifts of time, talent, treasure, and to better coordinate our efforts for better results, gave birth to St. Bart’s Martha’s Meal Ministry.

The ministry is not like other standard ministries but will consist of loose volunteer members who could opt in or out at any point in time. Their activities will be coordinated by a team of two or three volunteers.

Purpose/Goals of the Ministry:

  • To coordinate requests of sick parishioners who need emergency meals
  • To identify and offer help to parishioners in need of the services of the ministry but who might find it difficult to ask for help due to various reasons
  • To solicit for volunteers to help in the ministry

          Those who could cook – either at home or at the school kitchen
          Those who could deliver the food

Do you like to cook?
If yes, then come share your gift of talent, time and treasure

  • Cook – some nourishing food: casserole, warm applesauce, pot of soup, pork chops, mashed potatoes, etc.
  • Package – place it in a container, ready to be picked up (let us know if you need containers)
  • Label the container with the type of food, etc
  • Bring it to the pantry (to be preserved for someone who may need it in the future) 

Note: You do not need to make large quantities – single or double services will mostly be enough.

Can’t cook but can drive?
Delivery people are also needed.

If you have it in your heart and kitchen to help out now and then, please call the parish office at 914-965-0566

Time Commitment
Volunteers are called upon when a need is identified. This might happen on an average of once in two months or less. Meals can also be prepared in advance and frozen in our Food Pantry freezer.
There will be no meetings.   

Ability to cook or purchase a meal and a heart willing to help others in their time of need.

                                             Martha’s Meal Coordinator Position Description

Reports to:         Report to Commission Chair

General Responsibilities of Every Ministry and Committee Chairperson and Coordinator:

Specific Responsibilities of Martha’ Meal Team Members:

  • Identifies parishioners in need of the services of the ministry
  • Arranges for the members to reach out and help such parishioners

Special Activities

  • Host an orientation for new ministers
  • Attend Annual parish Leadership training
  • Attend annual parish Ministry Recollection Day
  • Annual Parish Ministry Appreciation Dinner
  • Help with Annual Stewardship Fair

 Time of Commitment
As needed to coordinate the ministry’s activities

Expected Length of Commitment
Minimum of one year

General Qualifications Required of Every Ministry and Committee Chairperson and Coordinator:

Specific Qualifications Required

  • Ability to coordinate
  • A loving heart willing to help feed others in dire need

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