The Church of 
St. Bartholomew
A Catholic Community
In the Archdiocese of
New York

                        Family Life Commission
                     Edge Youth Ministry – Middle School – ages 9 – 12

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About EDGE
EDGE is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program (early adolescents in grades, six, seven, and eight). It provides a safe and fun environment for our youth to find solid Catholic community, get answers to their questions about faith, and most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. It is designed to meet the educational, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. Kids at this stage of their development are open to good and bad behaviors as well as positive and negative ideas. Many of the values and beliefs that they held as children are now questioned and challenged. As young adolescents they are trying to figure out who they are and what they believe.

Within the context of faith these adolescents will be helped to move from a child-like spirituality to one that will hopefully reach its pinnacle, through the work of the EDGE, into an adult faith commitment to Jesus Christ and the Catholic Community.

The Name EDGE
The name EDGE recognizes that middle school youth are on The Edge in their life, and if we as a church don't do something about it, they're going to fall off The Edge and we might not see them again. But, at the same time we as a church are going to give them The Edge they need in life, Jesus Christ, the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture, the Teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, and a Catholic Community to love, nurture and challenge them.

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